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animal friendly •  environmentally sustainable •  hypoallergenic •  fire resistant •  regulates temperature •  does not itch •  feels soft •  machine washable •  ultralight insulator •  long lasting •  colorfast •  mildew resistant •  diminishes body odor •  insulates when wet •  stain resistant

Merino Sheep FaceForget your old stereotypes about wool. Wool is the most versatile and practical natural fiber in the world. Modern production methods now create Merino wool products that do not itch and are machine washable. You can wear it or sleep on it. Wool is a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, odor free, stain resistant, durable, animal friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Wool Revolution is dedicated to reporting exclusively on the virtues of itch-less machine-washable Merino wool and other fine wool products. We are not here to sell wool, only to help you locate more information about wool including the latest news, informative articles, and a comprehensive directory dedicated to everything wool.

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